Carl Featured in State Journal Article on Testing Opt-Outs

April 2015

An article in the Wisconsin State Journal covering the rising trend of parents opting their students out of the state’s standardized exams relies on the expertise of Bradley Carl, VARC’s associate director.

Almost 5 percent of students enrolled in Madison schools have opted out of taking the Badger Exam, Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam or other state exams. According to the article, “the surge in recent years represents a movement of parents opposing testing in growing numbers.”

Parents who opt their students out of taking standardized tests are doing so out of a belief that there are too many tests and dislike of the academic standards the tests are based on, Carl said, adding that the trend is likely to increase in popularity in future years.

“There is likely to be more opt-outs and how (to) handle this is what states are struggling with right now,” Carl said in the article.