Education Research

The Value-Added Research Center lives up to its name—our work on advanced statistical and psychometric methods (the heart of value-added), policy issues, and technical assistance is at the cutting edge. This research is the foundation of all the work we do; it results in more precise metrics for analyzing teacher and school effectiveness, more innovative applications of data, and more informed public policy.
VARC is currently exploring a number of research topics.

  • Statistical Methods including accounting for test multidimensionality, models for non-tested grades and subjects, classroom assignment and its effect on model estimation, and explaining diverging results from different growth metrics.

  • Policy Issues including school accountability systems, student growth measures, educator evaluation and human capital management systems, and early warning indicators.

  • Technical Assistance including how to combine multiple measures of effectiveness, technical considerations for developing Student Learning Objectives, and project management.

VARC translates its findings from this research into its work with schools and districts around the country as it engages in a cycle of continuous improvement in the growth models it has built for these partners.