What we do

VARC develops and implements education analytics to support educators and improve student learning in four main areas:

Value-Added, Growth Measures, & Analytics
Analytics is the process of uncovering meaningful patterns in data and using that information to guide decision-making. Using a variety of data available to school districts and states, we now have the ability to turn data into actionable information to improve student learning. VARC works with school districts, states, and non-profits to use this data in innovative ways.

Education Policy
Stakeholder engagement is central to our policy work. We collaborate with government agencies, non-profits, foundations, and advocacy groups to meet the demands of education reforms and lead innovation. From research to implementation to evaluation, we work with our clients to identify the technical, financial, and logistical issues associated with policies and programs. We carefully consider the potential implications and consequences (both intended and unintended) of the various options.

Professional Development, Reports, & Technical Assistance
At VARC, we recognize the importance of supporting both the development of value-added measures and the systems and people served by these measures. We support a variety of stakeholders in key areas such as professional development, reports, and technical assistance.

Education Research
The Value-Added Research Center lives up to its name—our work on advanced statistical and psychometric methods (the heart of value-added), policy issues, and technical assistance is at the cutting edge. This research is the foundation of all the work we do; it results in more precise metrics for analyzing teacher and school effectiveness, more innovative applications of data, and more informed public policy.