School Quality in Public and Private Schools Project

As part of the Value-Added Research Center’s (VARC) work with the Walton Family Foundation, VARC is working to be able to compare all schools, public and private, urban and suburban, large and small, in a fair and accurate way in a select number of districts. Districts include Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis. The system is designed as “opt-in” only, with value-added reports being generated only for schools wishing to participate.

General Resources

Minneapolis Resources

Value-Added Reporting Online Tool
Districts and schools partnering with Institutions of Higher Education in the project will be able to access their data here. Data is available in an interactive format, in static PDFs, and in CSV data files.

Minnesota sample username: MNSampleSchool
Minnesota sample password: sample$

Minnesota Sample Value-Added Report 1 PDF
Minnesota Sample Value-Added Report 2 PDF


Ernie Morgan
Phone: (608) 263-3452
Office: 1181 Ed Sciences

Lisa Geraghty
Phone: (608) 263-4287
Office: 1179 Ed Sciences