Combining Multiple Measures

Pie ChartState legislation and federal initiatives have motivated states and school districts to create or revamp educator evaluation systems. These systems typically use a "multiple measures" approach to generate an educator's overall rating - combining observations of educator practice with measures of student growth. These measures often include:

  • student achievement growth, such as value-added,
  • teacher observations, or
  • student or parent surveys.

While each measure can be informative on its own, many policy decisions including human capital management and professional development require a combined, single measure of educator effectiveness.

VARC has extensive experience helping states and districts combine their measures of educator effectiveness into a single, summative rating while:

  • supporting policymakers' goals,
  • balancing various, often competing priorities,
  • gaining stakeholder buy-in, and
  • following statistical best practices.

In this way, we help our partners design systems that are fair and transparent for educators and provide incentives for continued improvement.