Education Analytics

Student Growth MeasuresIn the era of Big Data, we could all use a little more information on how to use data effectively and efficiently. VARC uses analytics to provide actionable information for educators and administrators.

Applying analytics to education is a quickly expanding field. New tools, such as learning management systems or individualized dashboards, gather novel types of education data for educators to manage information about their classrooms. Delving into this data allows us to accurately determine program effects, spot potential problems before they begin, or hone existing processes. The information education analytics provides supports educator efforts to improve student learning in our schools.

VARC has been working with districts and states since 2005 to provide this type of information. A few examples include:

  • Goal-Setting: Using historical student growth information to help teachers set challenging and aspirational achievement goals for students

  • Early Warning, Response, & Intervention Systems: Identifying students at risk of dropping out of school or falling behind and creating systems to support these students with targeted interventions

  • Human Capital Systems: Creating analytical processes for systems that supply high-performing educators, improve educator effectiveness, and recognize outstanding performance