Program Evaluation

In our policy, analytics, and early warning work, we believe that research interventions and evaluations are essential to ensuring successful outcomes for programs and students.

As part of our ongoing research partnerships, VARC has worked both independently and in collaboration with states and districts to design and conduct evaluations of major programs and policy initiatives.

Our evidence-based research includes formative, summative, and diagnostic measures to assess the performance of students and the systems that support them. We provide clients with valuable findings that help them tailor their programs, systems, and resources to meet existing needs. Our projects include:

In this longitudinal evaluation study, we explore the outcomes of a statewide class size reduction program. Using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods, our team examines student outcomes across the state in grades K-3 as well as the specific issues for schools implementing a complex reform.

  • Evaluation of Small Learning Communities in MPS

By analyzing data gathered through interviews with principals, district staff, and program providers, site visits, surveys, and output trends, we are evaluating the impact of this program on students and schools.

  • Survey Consultation for MPS, including:
    • High school senior exit survey
    • Instructional practice survey
    • School climate survey