ReportsVARC not only develops and implements student growth measures, we also communicate these measures through easy-to-understand reports. Both independently and with our partner organizations, VARC hosts, designs, and creates a variety of reports and supporting materials to help educators make the right decisions with the right data. Our reports help educators and administrators gain valuable insight into how they can improve the performance of their students, teachers, grade-level teams, and schools.

We offer teacher, principal, district, school, and summary level reports. Using color-coding, explanations of terminology, and clear headings and organization, we ensure that our reports are accessible to both technical and non-technical audiences. We also adapt our reports to meet client needs by tailoring content to reflect the relevant policy context and using language that is respectful of their educators’ prior knowledge.

To make the process as efficient as possible, we build our reporting systems into our clients’ current systems and practices. We use data warehouse solutions and available tools and dashboards to work with, not against, existing systems.

We also provide training guides and professional development to support the interpretation of our reports. Our reports offer more than just static information; we encourage educators to generate actionable solutions based on this information to improve performance. For more information, please contact our production manager, Sean McLaughlin, at