Wisconsin Statewide Value-Added Project

Since its inception in 2009, the Wisconsin Statewide Value-Added project has expanded to 43 Wisconsin school districts working in cooperation with VARC and CESA 2 to receive value-added estimates based on the WKCE results for their district and schools compared to the state average. In addition to attending training sessions, many districts also became involved as presenters, sharing their experiences with rolling out value-added. This active district participation has been formalized via a Statewide Value-Added Advisory group made up of district leaders, representatives from the Wisconsin DPI, CESA #2 and VARC.

About Value-Added in Wisconsin

Online Course Material Introducing Value-Added Measures

Wisconsin Online Reporting Tool

In the spring of 2011 the project moved to an electronic reporting process via the Wisconsin Value-Added Online Reporting System. This system is used by districts to view, compare, and/or download value-added information specific to their district. VARC will continue to develop the reporting tool that allows schools to see their value-added data at the grade and school level, over several years, and compared to other schools in the district, CESA, or statewide. VARC will continue to expand the user roles and features, making the data more accessible to districts wanting to do their own analysis or training.

Value-Added Resources Produced for Other Projects


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